The Importance of Bollards in Industrial Environments

Business owners have a responsibility to introduce workplace safety and health procedures, aligning with national standards and regulations which are in place to protect employees in the workplace. There is a range of safety products available to help improve safety measures and when it comes to industrial sites which are home to heavy machinery and moving vehicles, extra precautions are needed.

To gain control over the movement of pedestrians and vehicles throughout a site, creating a flow of traffic will prevent the risk of collision and separate walkways from areas in which vehicles are in motion. Facility Floor Tape is an effective way to create visual cues but the addition of bollards is paramount as they create a sturdy and durable barrier that can be installed in areas that are seen as hazardous.

When it comes to industrial sites, the importance of bollards is apparent for various reasons;

Managing traffic flow

By creating clear direction throughout a site, bollards contribute to an organized work environment that helps workers navigate and maximize efficiency. Bollards should be used to separate different areas such as pedestrian walkways, vehicle zones, and parking areas to prevent congestion and keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

Keeping employees and site visitors safe

For sites that have working vehicles as well as employees and visitors on foot, bollards act as a barrier between the two. Appointing designated pedestrian zones by installing bollards between walkways and vehicle pathways creates a sense of security for pedestrians and minimizes the chance of collisions. With safety being essential in the workplace, taking extra measures to keep employees safe ensures that everyone can feel comfortable at work and accidents can be prevented.

Avoiding damage to infrastructure

By strategically placing bollards around the perimeter of a building or the location of expensive assets, the risk of accidental or deliberate damage is significantly reduced. The bollard will create a heavy-duty barrier that can protect both the infrastructure and vehicles from accidental collisions. As well as this, a crime such as theft, vandalism, and intrusion is deterred since unauthorized access can not be gained as easily, and valuable assets are kept out of harm’s way.

Directing working vehicles

Industrial sites tend to be home to large working vehicles such as trucks, forklifts, and cherry pickers which are operating at all times of day. Installing bollards in strategic places such as intersections, corners, loading areas, and pedestrian walkways, means drivers must slow down and cannot accidentally enter prohibited areas. This also prevents the risk of vehicles veering off-course or colliding with each other since a more organized flow of traffic is created, making routes easily visible so even new workers can follow the designated routes.

Keeping emergency exits clear

Health and safety standards mean access should be constantly free in the event of an emergency, keeping pathways clear so emergency vehicles can enter the site at all hours of the day. Whether there is a fire, injury, or chemical spillage, bollards can be used to keep pathways and entrances clear from obstruction, allowing emergency responders to get to the scene of the issue in as little time as possible.

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